Puppy Shower

by Kooldog

Finally you decided to get a puppy and you can’t wait to share the good news with you family and friends. Getting a dog is a big decision and sharing it with your loved ones is the right thing to do. Why not a puppy shower? It’s so much fun and so easy to plan, not to mention what a wonderful way to welcome your new dog into your family.

I have a few party tips.

First, send out invitations, nothing fancy. Please consider a Saturday afternoon, it will be the best option for everybody. Have a welcome puppy collage with the first pictures of your new family member; leave some space for your guest to sign too. A spring backyard party would be great. You can barbecue some simple kabobs for the adults and provide some beefy meatballs for the four-legged guests. Another cute idea is to make simple cocktails or lemonade with doggie ice cubes. Don’t forget to have some plastic bags in case of an accident. Very important is to provide a private and quiet
place for your puppy to escape if he needs some time alone. Having a Kooldog House around will be the best option. Goody bags with doggie treats would be a
nice touch. Finally, your dog will greatly benefit from early social interaction
and what better way to start than by having a fun puppy shower. Enjoy!