Why Crate Training is Important

by Kooldog

Crate training is quite a controversial training system and many dog owners think that crate training can be cruel since it confines an animal in a tight space; however, that’s not actually the case. Crate training is one of the most important foundations of training your dog in their early stage. When done properly, crate training can be a highly effective management system that can be a lifesaver for a dog owner. Like any training method, crate training can be abused, but using a crate for appropriate reasons will be fine; for example, house training, preventing destructive behaviour or teaching a dog to settle and relax.

Dogs are den animals and they instinctively feel more secure and comfortable in a tight space where they feel it’s their own. A crate provides a safe place for a dog and prevents them from causing problems around the house or receiving injury by any household items. It’s especially a great way to babysit your dog while you are away from home; to keep them safe when they are not supervised. Instead of thinking of a crate as a cage, think of it as their bedroom. To note, a crate should never be a place of punishment for your dog. We don’t want dogs to associate a crate with anything negative. Whenever you put your dog inside the crate, it should be a positive experience.

A crate can also help to provide emotional stability for your dog if they are crate trained properly. A crate trained dog will understand that there are times when they will need to be alone. We see lots of separation anxiety with dogs today; it’s because the owners spend every waking minute beside the dog all day. What that means is that when the owner needs to be away from their dog and the dog is not used to being alone, it can create separation anxiety.

Crate training also allows you to have a life, another word, if you are concerned about your dog doing something such as, chewing up furniture or damaging other household items. By putting your dog in a crate you don’t have to worry about them and have a sense of relief; knowing that the dog isn’t going to do something wrong and you can simply go about your day.

There are many variations of crates in today’s market and finding the right crate can be a daunting task. You might have to go through a few crates during your dog’s lifespan as they develop from a puppy to a full grown dog. We suggest using a wire crate temporarily when they’re small, as they usually come with a divider that can be adjusted as your puppy grows. It’s also a good idea to cover the wire crate with a blanket to give them more private space.

Once the puppy reaches its full adult size, then you can purchase a finalized furniture style crate that is designed to fit into your decor and provide permanent housing for your dog such as Kooldog House. It’s an investment for your dog’s entire life and you want to purchase something that is substantial and sturdy; something that will last for their entire life span and give them a safe place where they can relax.