​Elevated dog food bowls, are they good for your dog?

Raised dog food bowls are an alternative way to feed our dogs; It can be good for their health. Raised dog bowls dose not force the dog to lower their head to the ground allowing them to maintain a more comfortable physiological posture while swallowing. This aspect is especially important for those dogs that suffer from mobility issues, some examples are arthritis or cervical disorders, these dogs will appreciate not having to lower their heads far to the ground.

If your dog has been diagnosed with mega esophagus, a bowl raised off the ground is part of the treatment veterinarian will likely recommend for the dog. It supports their digestion if we pay attention to how the dog’s posture varies when eating on the floor compared to eating in front of an elevated bowl, we can see the difference, a good posture when eating food favors the overall digestive process, of course, since it’s easier to eat, high feeders should not be used for dogs that eats too anxiously or quickly.

Raised dog feeder prevents food from getting dirty.
If your dog is a puppy, raising the feeder prevents them from putting their paws in it and either dirtying the food or staining the floor. It also prevents you from slipping on it around the house, it’s much cleaner. Also we must assess the hygiene of dog’s bowl as they are not in direct contact with the ground. There’s less chance that dust, hair or other dirt will get into them. They also help to keep the feeding area clean; dogs eating from raised bowls tend to be cleaner.

What is the ideal height of the dog food bowl?
This will depend on the size of our dog; ideally it should be high enough so they don't have to bend over to eat. The height of their elbow can be taken as a reference using it to align approximately with the bottom of the bowl. Another calculation can be made by measuring the dog from the ground to the shoulder blades and subtracting about 15 centimeters, in any case, if you have doubts about the exact measurement, choose a height adjustable feeder this way you can adapt it to the size of your dog.

How to choose the best raised dog bowl?
The size of the bowl and the height are the most important aspects since they must be adapted to the dimensions of the dog so that they can eat comfortably. The higher the bowl the less likely food will fall on the ground.

Also look at the materials and opt for the most hygienic resistant and easy to clean. Plastic is discouraged because some dogs can get allergic contact dermatitis. It’s also absorbs odors and degrades over time. Stainless steel is a very good option as it's resistant and easy to clean. Ceramic or glass is fine but can break easily, on the other hand there are many elevated feeders that include a container for food and another for water in the same stand make sure they can be removed for better hygiene.